Yoga Worksheets

Please see here for work sheets for the relative abilities so you can master your practise at home. You may choose to practise just one routine or breathing exercise which is fine - you do not have to do it all in one go or feel you have to do a whole hours practise at once. Even 10 or 20 minutes is good, especially in the beginning.

Please remember to always warm the body up before working any main Asana practise and not to eat a large/heavy meal beforehand. Also you want to get a good stretch but you don't want to hurt yourself, so listen to the wisdom of your being and stop if you need to, just as you would in class.

All the packs consist of the following exercises:

  • How to center & begin a session - includes hand mudras for meditation
  • Head, Neck and Shoulder routines - advisable to always do before any physical practise
  • Flowing posture/Warm up routines - can be worked on their own, but one must be practised before doing any main Asana practise
  • Strengthening Exercises - great ones to work each time if you need to work on your  upper & lower body strength
  • Breathing Techniques - best not to practise more than one at a time in the beginning as it can make you light headed
  • Progressive Relaxation  - best practised after some physical exercise for best results but not essential.

Beginners Yoga Work Sheets              Beginners Yoga Work Sheets 


Pregnancy Yoga Work Sheets            Pregnancy Yoga Work Sheets 


Inspirational Quotes

Here are some lovely quotes from some of the great Yoga Masters to encourage you with your practice. Have fun and enjoy yourself, Om Shanti.


 "An ounce of practice is worth ten tons of theory" - Swami Vishnu Devananda

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured" -    BKS Iyengar

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without" - Buddha

"Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment" - Buddha

"Wrong knowledge occurs when you mistake a rope for a serpent, or worse, a serpent for a rope" - Patanjali




I greet you and leave you with a strong and sincere heart