Contact Details

For any enquiries regarding classes, private lessons, courses or workshops please contact Samantha Slade on the following

Mobile : 07985 581888     Email:   Facebook: /yogaspiritandstrength    Instagram: /yogaspiritandstrength

If you are a new student or new to practicing on line you will need to fill in the following health and contact form before commencing any classes  On Line Health & Contact Form 

Please see here for my privacy policy &  terms & conditions

 Venue Addresses for In Person Classes

Great Eccleston Village Centre: 59 The High Street,Gt.Eccleston, PR3 0YB  (Free parking is available outside and across from the Centre)

Please note the Centre is operating strict COVID secure procedures to keep everyone safe. To learn more & see full list of procedures please see "Attending In Person Classes' section in my Terms & Conditions

What you will need for your Yoga Session

Which ever type of session you wish to do you will need a yoga mat, blanket and perhaps a cushion and/or block if you want one. It is best to wear something you can move easily in, so obviously strectchy workout gear is ideal, but if thats not your thing then something loose and comfortable and of course footwear is not an issue as we practice barefoot. It is best not to eat too close to doing your Yoga session as you may get indegestion, so please eat at least 2 hours before so you can enjoy your practice more. If practicing at home on line then it is important you make sure you have sufficient space to practice in and best if you can find somewhere where you will not be disturbed so you can focus and relax more. If you are attending the in person classes then it is important you bring all your own equipment and follow the full list of health & safety instructions which will be emailed  to you upon booking.

Namaste, Sam xx